Sunday, March 8, 2009

New You Goal!

I was thinking on our quest to whatever fitness level we are seeking, one way we can get there would be to set little goal for ourselves. Sometimes it's easy to say "I am going to lose 30 lbs. this year" but actually getting there is another story.

So, as a way to start on our path we should all give ourselves a goal to meet this week only. Maybe you, like me, had chips and dip for lunch and you want to eat a healthy lunch everyday this week. Or maybe you serve your family KFC on paper plates and they think it a home cooked meal. There is no blaming in the previous statement. Trust me. But perhaps you want to cook a healthy dinner 4 nights this week.

MY goal for this week is to work out at least 4 times, for at least 30 minutes. I usually do a treadmill/weights combo. Nothing fancy.
UPDATE: It was Jon Stewart and I tonight did some crunches, weights and a little treadmill tonight, two down and 2 to go!

Join me in my goal setting and in your comments let us know what you want to do this week. Your goal and how you want to meet it. It always helps to have someone to be accountable to!

LIPSMACKED (just piggyback on A's post): Okay I'm adding to A-bombs goal. My goal is for tomorrow... I want to get up, before work and work out. And then my goal for Tuesday will be the same thing. I'll take it one day at a time and just see how that works out.

I also want to drink more water tomorrow cause water makes me feel good.


  1. Nice goal hun. I'll be here every day givin u crap if u dont reach it. and by crap i mean internet hugs.

  2. i will need it...i am LAZY. sooo lazy. maybe i'll watch me some Step Up when I work out tonight...ooooh..that just may do it!

  3. Hi Girls! I just found your blog a couple weeks ago and I am in the middle of a "New Me" Goal. I had my 3rd baby in December and I am determined to get myself back this time. :) Are you all still up to it?

    I do the elliptical 3 times a week. Every night before bed I do 100 sit ups and 100 leg lifts, sometimes I do some push ups too. My entire upper arm isn't supposed to jiggle when I wave at someone. lol

    My husband started doing the sit up thing with me every night and now he tells people I won't let him in bed before he does his sit ups.

    Anyway, sorry to ramble. I was excited when I saw this and I wanted to stop in and comment. I think this is a great thing you are doing. I turn 30 this year so I need to do this for real!

    ECyesplease at twilighted