Friday, September 18, 2009

Weekly check in (brought to you by steph)

Beks and I decided that we would do these weekly check ins, I mean, other than all the trash talk goin on in texts, gchat sessions, or tweets that is...And because Mother Nature is trying to do her in at the moment, I'm posting this, our first actually, week's update.

I'm happy to announce that I lost a whopping 8 lbs. And that is with mini constantly holding forks and spoons my way with deliciously evil things I can't eat saying "Bite?" Or watching late night foodnetwork where all I do is drool over what is being made. I'm proud of my self control. Especially since my SIL who decided to start a diet around the same time as me recently admitted she gained 8 lbs. WTF?

Beks, despite being bloaty and crampy and bleeding from her monthly "friend" has lost 3 lbs. Very impressive since msot of the time she's demanding a cookie or something while she suffers. She even got her work out on. I'm amazed. I have quite a lot to live up to when AF pays me a visit. She'll need to do a post period weigh in and see just how much her "time of the month" screwed up her check in. Sometimes being a woman sucks.

And in case you were wondering, Beks really wants a Cowboys #88 jersey. I think she deserves one since her ovaries are trying to kill her from the inside out and she can't eat chocolate to help. Don't you?

All in all, we are both feeling a lot slimmer and just all around healthier as we cut out the unnecessary sweets, fats, carbs, etc in order to have a better diet/lifestyle.

Still though, how can I resist a little taunting when given the opportunity?
Oh Beks! You know you want some...

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  1. ha ha ha. a taco truck. very funny. i got something for that ass pastycakes.