Friday, September 11, 2009

New Moon Weight Loss Battle Royale

Lipsmacked vs 4theluvofmary

In the interest of actually losing weight and not just talking about how nice it would be ... Steph and I have enter into a little weight loss wager. taking into consideration our age, height and current weight we decided on reasonable goals... with a perfect deadline.

the plan: go down two sizes by the time New Moon is released on November 20th

the prize: winner gets a pair of brand new jeans

the IFs:
if we both drop the two sizes we've decided to exchange moderately priced adult novelty items

If one of us goes down more than two sizes the prizes will include:

2 sizes: jeans and a copy of Diana Gabaldon's Lord John and the Private Matter
3 sizes: jeans, a copy of Diana Gabaldon's Lord John and the Private Matter and a moderately priced adult novelty item

and ( i sorta hope this wont happen)

4 sizes: jeans, a copy of Diana Gabaldon's Lord John and the Private Matter, a moderately priced adult novelty item and a silly Twilight shirt of the winners choosing from Cafepress of

Either way ... winner takes all. the both of us have ultimate weight loss goals that go beyond two sizes, but we thought this would be a fun way to jump start things and an excuse to talk smack to each other on twitter. we will check in with each other every Friday to track our progress.

Feel free to join us in any way that feels right to YOU!


  1. Oooh...I'd do it merely for a Diana Gabaldon book - any of them, in fact. But I'm cheap (and easy).

  2. This is awesome! Good luck! I want to do it along side you girls!

  3. I have a pair of jeans I said I would fit into by the time the movie comes out. We'll see.. I need someone to come into my house and hide all the nutella away...

  4. The picture at the end is win. Haha!

    Good Luck you two. No choosing sides on this.

  5. i feel like i should get to say something in my defence. aka, be able to post on the blog. so i can cyber bitch slap beks while i lose all the weight. YOU'RE GOIN DOWN SUCKA

  6. maybe i should also try spelling defense correctly...fml.

  7. LOL. In interest of being FARE we'll add you as a contrabuter

  8. Mmmm...Nutella for the win. Thanks for thae reminder, Gusta.

    Oh Bekah-Boo and Stephie-poo (bwahahaha)...gUess what I'm making for dinner tonight? Strawberry, bananas, & Nutella crepes. I might add a scoop of ice cream on the side, too.


  9. I think it is a fantastic idea! I'll be my part from onver here and keep you all posted. ;)

  10. Send me some Kasey!! There's this Greek cafe in New York, that was my weekend hang-out spot, and they make the best Romeo & Juliet's (strawberry, banana, & nutella crepes).

  11. Oooohweee! go for it girls!!! I still owe you whether the healthy cakes actually taste edible or not... I still have not got my arse in gear to actually make them yet.... ONCE I do I will let you's know which is the best! etc etc.. But just a few grams of fat for a proper cupcake!! RESULT!!