Monday, October 19, 2009


This week in "I Wanna Be Skinny" ...

Steph and I both had a few days last week where we ate whatever the hell we wanted. It involved cakes, chinese food, tacos, burgers, one or two peanut butter twix and cinnamon toast crunch. Shockingly we both lost weight. On Friday I did reach my goal of -4 lbs, but this morning I was only down 3lbs (boo that shit). Steph came close to her goal and lost 2lbs which i think is pretty damn good since she has a little one to watch, a hubs that seems to love to sabotage her plans, not to mention she was baking all weekend.

Our Goals for this week....

Steph: To do Cardio every day this week.

Beks: To do Cardio every day this week ( in the hopes that i drop another 4lbs)

we'll see what happens.

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